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Abridged Report Executive Committee Meeting

Abridged Report with Attachments




The meeting was called to order by President Ordway at 9:00A.M. in accordance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act. He stated that notice of this meeting was posted on the New Jersey State Firemen’s website as required pursuant to the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act (Chapter 231, P.L. 1975). The fire exits were pointed out.

Vice President Hankins led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Prior to Executive Committeeman Mellert giving the invocation a moment of silence was observed for Gloucester County Manager Harry Strube Sr. and prayers for Former Hudson County Committeeman and Hudson County Manager Charles Voorhees who presently is ill


Roll call was held. First Assistant Secretary Brian Martone announced that all members were present with the exception of Committeeman James Reeves who is excused, and George Morris Esq. from Parker McKay was present representing Assistant Counsel Stacy Moore. Also in attendance were Past Executive Committeeman Thomas Miller and Past Secretary Sanford Weinberg.


President Ordway opened the meeting to public comment and asked First Assistant Secretary Martone to read the following: The New Jersey State Firemen’s Association welcomes comments from the members of the audience. He further stated the secretary will note all comments and that because of this he asked anyone speaking to state their name and address before speaking and to keep their comments to a 3 minute time limit. Concerns stated or actions requested by the public will be taken under advisement by the Executive Committee for investigation, discussion and possible action or disposition at a later time.

There was no Public Comment.


The Abridged minutes and verbatim minutes of the October 27, 2018 Executive Committee Meeting were approved as distributed on a motion by Executive Committeeman Scheuer seconded by Executive Committeeman Spiegel. Motion Carried.


Secretary Pelaia announced the following Communications that were entered into the record:

  1. Letter from Dick Mecora from the Spring Lake Firemen’s Relief Association regarding the age limit
  2. Letter from the Mt. Holly Relief Association regarding the closing of a company
  3. Resolution from the Mansfield Township Committee regarding the closing of a company
  4. Letter from Konrad Mellert, Warren County Executive Committee announcing a workshop on May 2, 2019 in Warren County

A motion was made to accept the correspondence and Communications by Executive Committeeman John Lane, seconded by Executive John Phillips, Motion carried:


Vice President Hankins report: In addition to his written report his verbal remarks were:

  1. Caucus Schedules are in everyone’s packet. Executive Committeeman should E-mail the Vice President with the Caucuses that they can assist at.
  2. He is working with the Address Management Division of the Post Office to straighten out the address issue with the new office. The Post Office added our address to their Data Base and it should populate to all Post Office by February 23, 2019. Anyone having issues at the Post Office after this date should notify him of the location and branch of the Post Office.
  3. We need to update our laptops for Caucus and Conventions. Some of the ones we are using are over 12 years old. Also it was discussed previously that once we were in the new building we would update our servers. He will ask for a motion under New Business to purchase these items.
  4. He stated that we have been informed that a Physician’s Assistant and a Nurse Practitioner are licensed to perform Physicals Examinations, therefore our Chapter 5 of the By-Laws should be amended to reflect the same. This will be discussed during New Business.

Secretary’s Report: In addition to his written report, his verbal remarks are:

  1. The Managers from the home whose terms are up this year are in your packet and also the expiration terms for all managers are also in the packet.
  2. A reminder that all Resolutions for the 2019 Convention are due in the State Office by May 1. He reminded all Executive’s that any Resolution submitted by an association in their county must be reviewed for content and signed by them prior to submission.
  3. The office phone system now has an Auto-Attendant feature when the office is closed. Callers can now leave a message on anyone’s voice mail or the general mailbox.
  4. The Detailed Membership Reports will no longer be printed on the line printer but on letter size paper. Each Local Secretary and Treasurer will receive a bound copy. Executives who would rather have a PDF file of their county rather than a printed copy should let us know.
  5. The Red Book should be out in a few weeks. Each local will receive 1 copy and additional copies can be obtained by calling the secretary.

First Assistant Secretary Report: A form is in your packet asking for your convention workers for this year. The number of workers from each county has not changed. It is due back by June 1.

Second Assistant Secretary Report: He thanked all for the condolences cards and visitors on the passing of his mother.

Treasurer Report: Nothing Verbal, Financial Reports are in the packets.

Field Examiner Report: In addition to his written report, his verbal remarks were:

  1. He thanked all for their cooperation with the Quarterly Relief Reports and the yearly Financial Statements.
  2. Field Exams will be conducted in the following counties this spring: Atlantic, Bergen, Camden, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, Ocean and Somerset. Dates, times and places are on the web-site. Executives are still needed to assist with the Field Exams. Letters regarding the Field Exams have started going out to the local officers in these counties.
  3. President Ordway also mentioned that the examination sheets used in the Field Exam are now on the web-site so that the local officers can prepare for the Field Exam.

Counsel Cavallo reported: Nothing for Open Session

President’s Report: In addition to his written report he reported the following:

  1. Workshops have been conducted in Burlington County and are scheduled for Gloucester and Warren Counties. Please let Vice President Hankins know if you are interested in having one.
  2. He is going to meet with a firm that does webinars, He will be looking for information so that maybe in the future we can post training on our web-site. This is very preliminary and will report back to the Executives in the future.
  3. State Statue says that if there is a vacancy in the Board of Managers, the President shall make an appointment. With the passing of Harry Strube Sr. from Gloucester County, he appointed Harry Strube Jr. to the position of interim Manager. This appointment will be only until October 1, 2019. An election will be held at this year’s caucus in Gloucester County to fill the unexpired term that expires in 2021 for Manager of Gloucester County.


ADVISORY/ SPECIAL / SUPPLEMNTAL COMMITTEE: Executive Committeeman Mellert stated that the reports are in your packet, and thanked Beth from the office for her assistance in preparing this report.

COMPENDIUM COMMITTEE: Chairman Lane reported the following:

  1. Item 1: Changing of the name of the Association from the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association to the New Jersey State Firefighters Association. There was discussion about the name change but President Emeritus Greenwald reminded everyone to do this it must be changed by the State Legislature. The committee then decided that this is not the time to move in that direction
  2. Item 2: Definitions of Life Member, Qualified Member etc. to be distributed to the Local Associations. Vice President Hankins is putting a document with an organizational chart together for future distribution
  3. Item 3: Resolution #1 from the 2018 Convention where the Executive Committee should review Article IV Section 3 of the by-laws to allow Life Members to make motions, second and vote at a Local Meeting. There was much discussion on this matter. The minutes were included in the packet. It was decided that this too must go to the State Legislature. The committee voted unanimously not to change the statute at this time.

DELEGATE AND LIFE MEMBER COMMITTEE: The committee was polled that based on the increase of 16% 2 years ago they unanimously voted to keep the allowance the same as last year

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Reports are included in the packets.

FIREMEN’S HOME - MEMORY CARE: There was a meeting on December 6, 2018 regarding the Memory Care Unit. There was a lot of discussion at the meeting regarding this project. The project is either out to bid or soon will be out to bid. We will have a better idea of the complete project at that time.

HEALTH CARE ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE: Written report has been distributed.

LEGISLATIVE: First Assistant Secretary Martone stated the report has been distributed. He also stated that the Annual Legislative Meeting will be March 23 at 9am here at the office. All Executives are invited

PENSION COMMITTEE: Meeting was this morning and all normal business was taken care of.


SALARY COMMITTEE: Salary Committee will meet in the near future and make a recommendation at the next Executive Committee Meeting,

WEB PAGE: Chairman Mazzarella stated that he will be meeting with President Ordway to discuss some of the updates and Frequently Asked Questions.



  1. A Status Report was given on the Out of Accord Associations (Frenchtown and Newfield). Nothing to report on Frenchtown at this time and Newfield is ready to be fully brought back to active status and it will be brought up under New Business
  2. The Bids for Government Services will be opened on Wednesday February 27, 2019. This had to be re-bid due to an error in the original date of the Bid Opening
  3. President Ordway brought up the following: In the past Executive Committee decals were made available. These decals were purchased by former Secretary Sanford Weinberg. At one time in the past it was decided not to sell them anymore. Mr. Weinberg still has over 100 decals and has never been reimbursed. President Ordway feels that we should reimburse him for the money expended and the Executive Committee can do as the please with the decals. This will be brought up under new business.

A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Walker and Seconded by Executive Committeeman Otterbein to go into Executive Session at 9:54am. Motion Passed

A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Scheuer seconded by Committeeman Kelly to return to Regular Session at 10:27am. Motion Passed


  1. A motion was made by Executive Committeeman John Phillips, seconded by Executive Committeeman Otterbein that any Local Association, who does not submit their reports on time, be non-seated at the convention and no administrative expenses be paid. Passed 20-0
  2. Compendium Committee:
  1. A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Mellert, seconded by Executive Committeeman Kurdyla, to concur with the Compendium Committee that the name of the Association remains the same. Passed 20-0
  2. A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Mellert, seconded by Executive Committee Scheuer to concur with the Compendium Committee in not raising the age limit for membership to the Association. Passed 18-2
  3. A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Kelly, seconded by Executive Committee Otterbein to concur with the Compendium Committee not allowing a change as proposed in Resolution 1 at the 2018 Convention to allow Life Members to vote at Local Association Meetings. Passed 19-1
  4. After much discussion, a motion was made by Executive Committeeman Walker and seconded by Committeeman Lane to revise Chapter 5 of the compendium to allow Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners to sign the Physical Test Record on the Membership Application and to have the Compendium Committee review the current application for revisions if necessary. Passed 20-0
  1. A motion by Executive Committeeman Scheuer and seconded by Executive Committeeman Kurdyla to concur with the Delegate and Life Member Committee to keep the allowance for Delegates and Life Members the same as 2018. On a Roll Call Vote, Passed 20-0.

  1. A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Mellert seconded by Executive Committeeman Florio to recognize the closure of the Butler Park Fire Company in Mansfield Township and to recognize the closure of the Good Intent Fire Company in Mt. Holly. Passed 20-0
  2. A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Roemmich and seconded by Executive Committeeman Walker to place a full page ad in the Exempt Association Journal for $200 and a full page ad in the journal for the Eastern District IAFC Conference for $125.00. On a Roll Call Vote, Passed 20-0
  3. After some discussion a Motion was made by Executive Committeeman Phillips, and seconded by Executive Committeeman Kelly to have the Executive Members on the Advisory Committee in conjunction with the Officers review and award the RFP for the Government Affairs Services. Passed 18-2
  4. A motion by Executive Committeeman Roemmich and seconded by Executive Committeeman Florio to approve the printing of the red books by Fed-Ex Commercial Press at the quoted price of $19.98 per book for 700 books. On a Roll Call Vote, passed 19-1
  5. A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Fazekas and seconded by Executive Committeeman Figueroa to purchase 12 new laptops for the caucuses and convention, and new servers, rack and UPS for the office from Dell Computers or a comparable vendor for a cost no greater than $30,000.00. On a Roll Call Vote passed 20-0
  6. A motion was made and seconded by Executive Committeeman Mellert and seconded by Executive Committeeman Speigel to purchase the remainder of the Executive Committee decals from Past Secretary Weinberg for $625.00. On a Roll Call Vote, passed 19-1
  7. President Ordway stated that in past discussions he wanted to form a Long Term Policy Review and Program Committee. If any Executive would like to be a member, please let him know if you are interested.
  8. Executive Committeeman Scheuer inquired if we have been approached to be on a State Committee regarding Recruitment and Retention. He states that we are one of the organizations that have a seat at the table. President Ordway stated he has yet to be contacted but will follow up on it.
  9. President Ordway noted that the Kenilworth Post Office may not be able to hold our mail anymore so he urged everyone to make sure the banks and whomever have our new mailing address. Also along those lines the old phone numbers from Kenilworth will soon not be forwarded to our phones here in Wall. So please make sure everyone has our contact information.

  1. Executive Committeeman Speigel mentioned for some reason the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation did not have a speaker at the Convention last year. President Ordway assured him that they will have a place on the agenda this year.


  1. President Ordway mentioned that Former Executive Committeeman and Current Hudson County Manager is not doing well. Please keep in in your prayers
  2. President Ordway announced that he will be running for Re-Election for President in September
  3. Executive Committeeman Kelly remarked on the good job that the current officers are doing and encouraged everyone to run for Re-Election
  4. Executive Committeeman Mitchell relayed thanks from the Stauffer Family for all of our condolences, visitation to the wake and attendance at the Funeral for Joe.
  5. Executive Committeeman remarked on the new plaque outside the Conference Room with President Emeritus’s Greenwald’s name on it.
  6. Executive Committeeman Fazekas thanked the officers for their time and presentation at his workshop.

ADJOURNMENT: On a motion by Executive Committeeman Florio, seconded by Executive Committeeman Kurdyla the meeting was adjourned at 10:53am.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas J. Pelaia



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