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Historical Record

The year of 1846 saw the inception of the collection of the 2% tax from foreign fire insurance companies doing business in the State of New Jersey, the firemen of Essex County being the first to receive payment of the tax on insurance premiums. The Secretary of State at that time collected the money, but the method pursued in the disbursement of same was not satisfactory to the firemen, the opinion being that they were not receiving all they were entitled to.

An investigation was directed in 1873 by the Hon. Theo. Macknett, a member of the Assembly, which developed the fact that the cost in connection with the disbursement was excessive, and in 1876 the law was changed giving the local treasurer the right to collect, and the first year showed an increase. This stimulated the belief on the part of the firemen of the City of Newark that a State organization should be formed to protect their interests and it was then decided to hold a meeting to discuss the formation for that purpose.

The first meeting was held during the following year in the Firemen’s Hall, Newark, and was attended by firemen from nineteen fire departments, some without relief associations, but all deeply interested in the proposed organization. It was at this meeting that the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association was organized. Representatives from the following municipalities attended; Burlington, Dover, Elizabeth, Harrison, Hackensack, Hackettstown, Hoboken, Jersey City, Long Branch, Morristown, Newark, Newton, New Brunswick, Orange, Patterson, Phillipsburg, Passaic, Salem, and Trenton.

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