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Abridged Report Executive Committee Meeting

Abridged Report with Attachments



Kenilworth, N.J. Saturday, February 24, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Frank B. Gunson, 3rd at 9:00 A.M. in accordance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act. He stated that notice of this meeting was posted on the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association website as required pursuant to the provisions of the Open Public Meeting Act (Chapter 231, P.L.1975) and sent via mail to all Local Relief Association secretaries. He pointed out the fire exits.

Vice President Robert Ordway led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Executive Committeeman Konrad Mellert, Warren County, gave the invocation and led everyone in a moment of silent prayer for those who have answered their last alarm followed by a prayer for our troops and veterans. He asked that God be with the families in Florida and our Veterans who gave us this opportunity. He concluded by asking for guidance during this meeting.

President Gunson asked Burlington County Executive Committeeman Dreby and Gloucester County Executive Committeeman Roemmich to remain standing and be administered their oath of office by Counsel Cavallo.


Roll call was held. First Assistant Secretary Jake Genovay announced that all members were present with the exception of Cape May County Executive Committeeman Speigel and Assistant Counsel Moore who were excused. Also in attendance were Past Executive Committeemen from Union County Thomas Miller and Middlesex County Manager Bruce Horvath.


President Gunson opened the meeting to public comment and asked First Assistant Secretary Genovay to read the following: the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association welcomes comments from members of the audience. He further stated that the secretary will note all comments and that because of this he asked that anyone speaking to state their name and address before speaking and to keep their comments to a 3 minute time limit. Concerns stated or actions requested by the public will be taken under advisement by the Executive Committee for investigation, discussion and possible action or disposition at a later time and date.


The Abridged minutes and the Verbatim Minutes of the November 18, 2017 Executive Committee Meeting were approved as distributed on a motion by Norman Figueroa, Jr. , Camden County Executive Committeeman, seconded by Andy Mazzarella, Middlesex County Executive Committeeman. Motion carried.


From: Daniel F. Speigel, Cape May County Executive Committeeman

From: Dick Mercora, Goodwill Fire Co.

From: Hugh Flood, Firemen’s Home

Secretary Finnegan read the correspondence. A motion was made by many and seconded by many to accept. Motion carried.




President Gunson reported:

  • Written report distributed.
  • Would like to welcome and congratulate Glenn Roemmich, newly elected Gloucester County Executive Committeeman.
  • Would like to thank all Committee people for their help in getting the reports in on time and all the local officers for their help. We have one financial report still out but we are told it is in the mail.
  • He stated that the additional voting machines have been ordered,
  • As the new building will not be ready till late September or early October, we have moved all the Field Examinations to the spring to be completed by the middle of May. He thanked all the Committeemen for their help in getting locations for the Field Exams and to those who have signed up to work them.
  • Once again, we will be collecting the Relief Applications at the Field Exams and reviewing them in the office. I ask your cooperation, once the Relief Applications have been returned to you, that they be returned to the locals as quickly as possible.
  • The Governor has approved the 2018/2019 Firemen’s Home Budget for $10,521,500.00. $2,300,000.00 of this was for renovations of Dorms A & E to allow for Long Term Memory Care Unit. After the Budget was approved by the Governor, the Home’s architect recommended that a second floor be added to Dorm A to give the home an additional 14 beds for Memory Care and less disruption to the patients instead of the original plan. Estimated cost to do the renovations that was included in the budget was $7,445,315.00 over a three year period. Adding the second floor was $5,209,270.00, a savings of $2,236,045.00. In your folder is a Resolution that we will vote on under New Business. Also in your folder is an updated project list from Superintendent Hugh Flood.
  • Building update – He would like to thank our roving photographer for keeping us updated on the progress of the building. The Vice President and he have been working on requirements for phone, alarm, computer hardware requirements and furniture for the building and placement of such. He and the Vice President have surveyed the Administrative staff to see who will be staying on after the move and three of the five have said they will not be going. The Officers have approved the hiring of three individuals now before the move so that they will be properly trained. They are now accepting applications. It is hoped that we get people in place by late April or early May.

Vice President Ordway reported:

  • Written report distributed.
  • Congratulated Glenn on his election. He believes that the Exempt Association’s loss will be our gain.
  • Congratulations to you and your local officers for getting their reports in on time. Fourth Quarter relief reports were submitted on time as were the Officer’s Reports,
  • There are 120 associations still out for the Membership report as of this morning. Please check the website for updates as they come in.
  • There is one association not being seated for failure to submit the Pinks/Blues on time.
  • Also included in your packet is the information for the May meeting.


Vice President Ordway reported (continued):

  • Please look at your worker’s for the Convention to insure that they are able to do the job that they are assigned to.
  • I am still waiting on one county for a location for their caucus. Upon receipt I will submit a memo on locations and dates. All are posted on the website; please verify that the correct date, location and time are posted.
  • The website has been updated with all upcoming events. A number of county organizations have been added to our links page.
  • As of now he will be running again for the position of Vice President.

Secretary’s report: My written report has been distributed with one verbal. I will not be seeking reelection at this year’s convention. With the move to Wall Township, it will more than double my commute so I will not be seeking reelection.

Treasurer Osborn reported: Distributed; no verbal.

Field Examiner Kenny reported: Written report distributed; one comment on verbal.

Please check your calendar for your assistance at the Field Exams and let me know if you are available to work them.

Counsel Cavallo reported: No report.


ADVISORY COMMITTEE – report has been distributed, no verbal.

BUILDING COMMITTEE – Chairman Dreby stated that the building is coming along and hopefully will be framed in shortly so they may begin work on the inside. The weather has been cooperating and we are moving along. President Gunson pointed out diagrams of the building and the colors that will be used inside the building.

COMPENDIUM COMMITTEE – Chairman Lane, Passaic County, said that a meeting was held on January 30th. Three items were discussed: Terms of office for the Executive Committee, terms of office for the Officers’, One Day Convention and any other items that may be brought up.

After a lengthy discussion on pros and cons of changing the term of office for the Executive Committee, a motion was made and seconded to keep the term of office the same. Motion carried.

A similar discussion was held on the term of office for the State Officers’. A discussion ensued on the pros and cons of the proposed change for State Officers’ which was very similar to that for the Executive Committee. A motion was made and seconded to keep the term of office the same. Motion carried.

The next item to be discussed was the possibility of a one day convention. After much discussion, a motion was made and seconded to keep the convention as is with one session on Friday and another on Saturday. Motion carried.

DELEGATE/LIFE MEMBER – Chairman Kelly, Monmouth County, stated a meeting was held on Thursday, February 1st. A copy of the minutes of that meeting is included in your packet. After discussion by the committee, it was a recommendation of the committee to keep the same rates as last year.


FINANCE – Treasurer Osborn stated the report has been distributed. No verbal.

FIREMEN’S HOME/MEMORY CARE – President Gunson stated we have had no additional meetings. You have seen the update from them. Superintendent Flood has forwarded a list of items they are working on that have been either requested by our committee or the Association.

HEALTH CARE – Chairman Mellert, Warren County, stated that the report has been distributed.

LEGISLATIVE – First Assistant Secretary Genovay stated that the annual Legislative Meeting will be held on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at the state office.

PENSION – Treasurer Osborn reported that they met prior to the meeting to discuss normal business.

RESOLUTIONS – Counsel Cavallo stated there are no resolutions.

SALARY – Chairman Dreby, Burlington County, stated there will be a meeting between now and the May meeting and they will have recommendations at that time.

SPECIAL RELIEF – Chairman Mellert, Warren County, said the report has been distributed.

WEB PAGE – Chairman Mazzarella, Middlesex County, said last meeting there was a discussion about allowing the Secretary and Treasurer to be allowed to go into the others reports to allow the other officer to do the other officer’s reports in an emergency and he wondered if anything had been done on this. President Gunson stated there is behind the scene’s work which must be checked out before anything can happen.

Chairman Mazzarella also stated they are working on possible committee meeting dates as Committeemen Naylis and Speigel are at different ends of the state. They are going to look at a list of Frequently Asked Questions with Answers to be placed on the website along with looking forward to having Training Modules via PowerPoint with Narration on how to fill out an application, etc.


Monmouth County Committeeman Kelly said that Long Branch FRA # 187 has a new Career Company # 10 and that all the necessary paperwork has been submitted and is in order. He made a motion to approve the application; second by Konrad Mellert, Warren County. Motion was unanimously approved.


John Lane, Passaic County, questioned whether the Pinks and Blues will be mailed to both the local Secretary and Treasurer’s this year and was informed by President Gunson that it was already approved and will be done.

President Gunson stated that we have already had two workshops, one in Ocean County and the other night in Somerset and that both were well attended with lots of good questions. We did see after the Ocean County one that even though their reports were submitted, they went in to try and file the reports electronically so they were enthusiastic about finding how to do the reports electronically.



A motion was made by Robert Kelly, Monmouth County, to go into Executive Session for litigation and employee items for approximately one half hour and action will be taken when we come out of session. It was seconded by Jerry Naylis, Bergen County. Motion approved at 9:23 A.M.

A motion was made by Rick Dreby, Burlington County, and seconded by Dan Scheuer, Sussex County, to come back from Executive Session. Motion approved at 10:23 A.M. A ten minute break was ordered by President Gunson.

The meeting was called back to order by President Gunson at 10:34 A.M.


A motion was made by Andy Mazzarella, Middlesex County, that a letter be sent to New Brunswick Relief Association # 245 notifying them that after the recent audit by him of their local relief applications, that they are to cease writing any relief checks for those applications and any other relief applications until they come into the State Office to substantiate the need for those and any new relief applications. A second was made by Robert Kelly, Monmouth County. Motion was approved on a roll call vote, twenty in favor to zero.

A motion was made by John Lane, Passaic County, to place Estell Manor “Out of Accord”. A second was made by John Phillips, Hunterdon County. Motion was approved on a roll call vote, twenty in favor to zero.

John Lane, Passaic County, made a motion to approve the Delegate/Life Member Expense as presented by the Committee. Second was made by James Reeves, Cumberland County. Motion was approved on a roll call vote, twenty in favor to zero.

President Gunson stated that we need a motion to not seat any association that does not submit their Membership Report or Quarterly Relief Reports on time and the one Financial Report that is still out. A motion was made by Robert Kelly, Monmouth County, and seconded by John Phillips, Hunterdon County not to seat any association that does not submit their reports on time. Motion was approved on a roll call vote, twenty in favor to zero.

Secretary Finnegan stated that we sent out bids for badges for the convention and we received two back, one from National Firefighters Medal of Honor, our previous supplier, and one from Turn-Out Fire and Safety, Inc., the supplier of our new pocket badges. We asked for prices for one, two and three year.

Medal of Honor quoted the following prices: One Year - $3.07, Two Year - $3.32 and Three Year - $3.82. Turn-Out Fire and Safety, Inc. quoted the following prices: One Year - $1.553, Two Year - $1.416 and Three Year - $1.469.

Based on the bids received the bid was awarded to Turn-Out Fire and Safety, Inc.. As they are a new supplier, we gave them badges from prior conventions and asked them to develop a sample badge to insure that they meet our standards. They stated that could be done in a 21 day turnaround.

Based on the information supplied to the committee, a motion was made by Rick Dreby, Burlington County, that we award the bid to Turn-Out Fire and Safety, Inc. provided they make a badge that meets our standards. A second was made by Rich Otterbein, Essex County. Motion was approved on a roll call vote, twenty in favor to zero.


NEW BUSINESS (continued)

Secretary Finnegan stated that we asked Fed Ex Office, our new supplier for Red Books who took over Stevenson & Smith, to quote us prices from 600 up to 1,200 books. At 600 it was $21.62, at 750 it was $17.75, at 800 it was $16.74, 900 was $15.05, 1,000 was $13.57 and 1,200 was $11.66. There was an additional cost of $2.80 per drop ship plus shipping cost. The President and I feel that 800 should be a good figure as we are only going to be sending out one copy to each association. The books will also be mailed from the State Office and not dropped shipped.

A motion was made by John Phillips and seconded by Allen Kurdyla that we go along with the recommended purchase of 800 Red Books. Motion was approved on a roll call vote, twenty in favor to zero.

Counsel Cavallo then read a Resolution from the NJSFA approving the construction of a second floor Memory Care Unit on Dorm A of the NJ State Firemen’s Home. A motion was made by Rick Dreby, Burlington County, and seconded by James Reeves, Cumberland County, to approve the Resolution with a cover letter explaining our position. Motion was approved on a roll call vote with nineteen affirmative and one negative.


Vice President Ordway said he put in your folders notifications that there will be five elections this year for Board of Manager: Cumberland, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex and Morris counties.

Sussex County Committeeman Scheuer asked if there were any anticipated changes to the Home Health Care Program to expand to the spouse. President Gunson informed him that there were no anticipated changes at this time but that the normal Relief path was available for situations that he proposed.

Monmouth County Committeeman Kelly said that when the Home Health Care Committee was formed, it was agreed that it be looked at in a year’s time and it be revisited to see if any changes could be made. Essex County Committeeman Otterbein said that including spouses should be included as he has a few members who could use it. President Gunson said it would have to be looked into with our Treasurer. Bergen County Committeeman Naylis said that all Committee people should be inquiring of their associations their need for the Home Health Care.

John Lane, Passaic County, asked that there be a meeting with the Building Committee to go over the final colors for the building. President Gunson asked Building Chairman Dreby to set up a meeting to discuss the color scheme of the new building.

Robert Kelly, Monmouth County, said he was at a Monmouth County Chief’s Meeting Wednesday night and was informed of the passing of long time member of Monmouth Beach Charles Schultz. He then stated that there has been a lot of activity going on in Monmouth County with Company closings, consolidations and additions, etc. and he appreciates the help of the President, Vice President and Field Examiner in coming down to Monmouth County to solve any problems.

President Gunson stated that unfortunately the closings and consolidations are happening throughout the state and are occurring also in Mercer and Essex counties.



John Lane, Passaic County, said he recently has had Resolutions that needed to be prepared for various Departments and he would like to thank Secretary Finnegan for preparing them.

Cindy Badger, Atlantic County Committeewoman, asked do the Officers need a Personal Invitation to attend a County meeting and was informed by Vice President Ordway to let us know a date and we will make every effort to attend.


A motion was made by Dan Scheuer, Sussex County, to adjourn. A second was made by Joe Hankins, Ocean County. Motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:57 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,


Secretary, NJSFA


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