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Abridged Report Executive Committee Meeting

Abridged Report with Attachments




May 30,2020

The meeting was called to order by President Ordway at 9:00A.M. in accordance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act. He stated that notice of this meeting was posted on the New Jersey State Firemen’s website as required pursuant to the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act (Chapter 231, P.L. 1975).

Vice President Hankins led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

A Moment of Silence was observed for our deceased First Responders and their families, and our Armed Forces stationed around the World.


Roll call was held. First Assistant Secretary Brian Martone announced that all members were present or online except for President Emeritus Greenwald who is excused and Executive Committee Member Naylis.


President Ordway opened the meeting by explaining to all the purpose of the meeting. He reminded everyone that this part of the meeting is for Executive Committee Members and

Officers only. The public portion of the meeting will be later in the meeting.

He then stated that he was asked to come up with a plan should we not be able to hold the Convention in September. After several meetings, a plan was forwarded to the Executive Committee earlier in the week. The plan called for the cancelling of the Convention and having the Election of Officers held at the Caucuses this year. At the Caucuses, the Delegates and Life Members will register, be given ballots for the Officer Election, Executive Committee Member Election and Firemen’s Home Manager (where necessary). They will then proceed to vote and leave the building. A packet of information will be given to the Delegate and Life Members as they leave. Delegates and Life Members will receive a stipend for attending and get credit for attending 2 Convention sessions. There will be no meeting, refreshments or congregating after voting. The results for the Executive Committee Member and if necessary, the Board of Manager election will be tabulated when the voting is concluded. The results of the State Officer elections will be tabulated the day after the last caucus (August 28, 2020). The Voting Machine Company will bring the machine to the caucus, start the machine, close the machine when voting concludes, and take the machines with them. President Ordway then finished his remarks and opened the meeting to comments:

Executive Committee Chairman John Lane then spoke and said that he requested a meeting with the Officers to discuss the options for the Convention. He discussed what the current State guidelines were and how it affects us at the present time. He then stated that due to the current situation and the Executive Orders put out by the Governor, he feels that first and foremost we need to protect our First Responders. He said that the proposal offered by President Ordway is the direction that we should take.

Executive Committee Member Badger then asked if we called the Governor’s Office regarding the situation. He said no, but Vice President Hankins has been reaching out to the State and Local Health Departments and the CDC. President Ordway then mentioned that he spoke with John Siciliano form the Convention Center and he said that currently under the Governor’s Executive Orders the Convention Center is only open to 10 people. Mr. Siciliano stated that even if guidelines change, he does not know if we would be allowed to have thousands of members in the hall.

Executive Committee Member Dan Scheuer then asked about the Nominating Petitions required for Executive Committee. President Ordway said that they need 2 signatures

and can be mailed or e-mailed.

Executive Committee Member Robert Kelly said since no one really knows what the situation will be in the future, so for the well-being of our members he supports the plan presented.

Executive Committee Member Fazekas said he supports the plan. He also mentioned that he probably will change the location of his caucus. President Ordway asked the all Executive Committee Members if this plan is accepted that they contact Vice President Hankins this coming week to discuss the venue where their caucus will be held.

Executive Committee Member Spiegel commented that the 5 Mile Beach Association would like to see us wait a month before deciding. He also said that hearing what our plan is, he personally supports it. President Ordway then mentioned that we are doing our due diligence now, so that we protect our members.

With no other comments being made, Executive Committee Member John Phillips made a motion to adopt the plan set forth by President Ordway, seconded by Executive Committee Member Robert Kelly. (At this time Secretary Pelaia notified President Ordway that Executive Committee Member Naylis was present).

Executive Committeeman Otterbein questioned if we talked to any of the Local Health Departments. Vice President Hankins stated that in all the inquiries that he made he was referred to the Cape May County Health Department and they responded in saying that it was between the Association and the venue.

Executive Committee Member Robert Kelly then inquired if the motion passes, what allowances, and credit will the members get. President Ordway said that Delegate who attends will receive an allowance of $100.00 and Life Members who attends will receive $50,00. Delegate who attend will also get credit for 2 Convention Sessions towards their Life Membership.

With no other comments to be made, President Ordway called for a Roll Call vote and said that our Counsel said that we need two thirds (2/3) vote for this to pass. Motion passed 21-0


There was a discussion among the Executive Committee and officers regarding pens to be used for marking ballots and voting procedures. President Ordway responded that they need dark pen that will not rip the ballots. Also, he said that our Voting Machine Company will be on site to deliver, start and close the machines that will be used for the Officer Elections. The only information that will be downloaded from the machines the night of the caucus is the number of votes cast. Election Results will be tabulated the day after the last Caucus, at the State Office once again by the Voting Machine Company. Executive and Manager elections will be by written ballot and placed in the silver box normally used for those elections. Those ballots will be counted at the end of the evening of the County Caucus.


President Ordway opened the meeting to public comment and asked First Assistant Secretary Martone to read the following: The New Jersey State Firemen’s Association welcomes comments from the members of the audience. He further stated the secretary will note all comments and that because of this he asked anyone speaking to state their name and address before speaking and to keep their comments to a 3-minute time limit. Concerns stated or actions requested by the public will be taken under advisement by the Executive Committee for investigation, discussion and possible action or disposition later.

Patrick Cleary from the Riverdale Firemen’s Relief Association questioned if there was any redundancy with the voting machines in case of an issue arises such as a breakdown. President Ordway responded that the voting machine company is securing the ballots and they can be rescanned in case this happens.

Jacqueline Kovacs Olsen from the Keyport Firemen’s Relief Association had 2 questions.

1) She asked how nominations would take place without a meeting. President Ordway explained that the petitions are being used in lieu of nominations this year.

2) She asked about the meeting places, especially the schools. Are they going to be available? President Ordway responded that is why the Executive Committee Members must contact Vice President Hankins this week to firm up the details. He said there will probably be some changes in the venue.

There was no further comment.

ADJOURNMENT: On a motion by Executive Committeeman Florio, seconded by Executive Committeeman Figueroa the meeting was adjourned at 9:46am.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas J. Pelaia



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