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Abridged Report Executive Committee Meeting



Kenilworth, N.J. Saturday, July 16, 2016


            The meeting was called to order by President George H. Heflich, Sr. at 9:00 A.M. in accordance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act.  He stated that notice of this meeting was posted on the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association website as required pursuant to the provisions of the Open Public Meeting Act (Chapter 231, P.L.1975) and sent via mail to all Local Relief Association secretaries.

            Vice President Frank Gunson led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

            Executive Committeeman Konrad Mellert, Warren County, gave the invocation and led everyone in a moment of silent prayer for those who have answered their last alarm followed by a prayer for our troops and veterans.  He concluded by asking for guidance during this meeting.


            Roll call was held.  First Assistant Secretary Jake Genovay announced that all members were present with the exception of Assistant Counsel Stacy Moore who was excused.   Also in attendance was Larry Handlin, President, Hudson County Exempt Association.


            President Heflich opened the meeting to public comment by stating the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association welcomes comments from members of the audience.  He further stated that the secretary will note all comments and that because of this he asked that anyone speaking to state their name and address before speaking and to keep their comments to a 3 minute time limit.  Concerns stated or actions requested by the public will be taken under advisement by the Executive Committee for investigation, discussion and possible action or disposition at a later time and date.

Being no one present that wished to be heard, Public Comment was closed.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:                                                                                             

            The Abridged minutes and the Verbatim Minutes of the May 14, 2016 Executive Board Meeting were approved as read on a motion by Mr. Mc Nulty, Gloucester County, seconded by Mr. Scheuer, Sussex County.  Motion carried.


            From:  Clinton FRA - Hunterdon County


            Secretary Finnegan read the correspondence.  This will be discussed under New Business.



            President Heflich reported: Written report distributed.  He stated that the Caucus schedule is in your packets.  Please notify the state office immediately if you can’t work where you are assigned.


Vice President Gunson reported:  Written report distributed.

            He stated that the seating chart for the convention has been distributed but it is going to be revised so you will be getting new copies in next weeks mail.

            The Caucus Schedule has been distributed with one change:  Atlantic County is being changed from the 2nd to the 9th.  We need help in Hudson and Salem county caucuses.

            He said that there will be a sample of the new ballot at all caucuses; the biggest change will be that to vote you will now fill in the circle as compared to filling in the arrow.

            He stated the changes in the By-Laws will be going out to the printer soon.

            He mentioned that three bids have been received from various vendors applying for the architectural services for our new building.  Six bid packets had been sent out.  A discussion with the attorney regarding the new building followed.

            Secretary’s report:    Written report distributed. 

He commented on responses for Affidavits and Long Term Care:  Affidavits – 391 or 72.7% of the Associations and Health Care – 240 or 44.6%.


He concluded by stating that anyone interested in ordering a shirt may see him after the meeting.


Treasurer Osborn reported:  He stated that the Audited Financial Statements will be received in September.

 Field Examiner Kenny reported: Written report distributed. 

He stated as of yesterday there were 166 Associations, 31 %, who still have not submitted there Second Quarter Relief Payment report.  An email was sent out to the Executive Committee notifying them who are still out.

He mentioned that they are trying to convert the Associations who file their 990’s on a fiscal basis, 6/30, 7/31 and 8/31, to a calendar year basis, 12/31.  In order to do this they must file their 990n form no later than 30 days after their fiscal year ends.  Once this is completed in January, 2017 we will send the required change forms to the IRS.  When our request is approved you will need to file a Short Year Form for the period from your fiscal year end to 12/31/2016.  We will provide you with additional information on this filing once the approval has been obtained.

Field Examiner (Continued):

Field Exams will be conducted after the Convention.  Letters will be going out to the involved Associations after August 1st.  He will need help from the Executive Committee at these exams.

Counsel Cavallo reported:

He stated that he has one item to be brought up in Executive Session.


            ADVISORY COMMITTEE – report distributed no verbal.

            SPECIAL RELIEF – report distributed.  The amount distributed is down from last year.

            LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE – report distributed.

            PENSION COMMITTEE – nothing to report.  There will be a meeting in September.


FINANCE COMMITTEE – no meeting was held.  There will be a meeting in September.

            COMPENDIUM COMMITTEE – Chairman Mc Nulty, Gloucester County, stated that the letter received from Clinton regarding increasing the membership age should be denied as we just recently voted on keeping the age the same.

VP Gunson stated that with the current changes being made to the Compendium and By Laws that it will be going out to print shortly.

            CONSOLIDATION COMMITTEE – nothing to report.

            BUILDING COMMITTEE – Chairman Dreby, Burlington County, reported that an update is included in your handouts and that we are under contract for the purchase of the property.  He will bring up under New Business to empower the officers to move forward with the purchase of the property and to approve an architect to develop the building.

            HEALTH CARE COMMITTEE – Chairman Hankins, Ocean County, stated that the new form # will be 114 and will include instructions and an authorization to release confidential information form.  He will draft an outline of the progress of this committee to be used at all caucuses.  This new form will be used beginning January 1, 2017.  The application process will begin at the local level and then proceed to the Advisory Board at the State office.  He concluded by thanking his Committee members, the Officers and the Executive Committee for their input.


 Counsel Cavallo reported that the Resolution Committee met via conference call and recommended a “No” vote for both resolutions.  The first one was received from Westville FRA

which wanted to increase the number of Representatives in the Association from a minimum of six to a minimum of fourteen?  A “No” vote was recommended as it would require a statute change and would not make it any easier to conduct a meeting as you would now need more people to conduct business at a meeting meaning 1 more than half would be increased from five to eight members.

            A “No” vote was recommended on the resolution received from New Brunswick FRA regarding “back time”.  If this were granted, it would diminish the members who put in their full seven years to gain their qualification.




            President Heflich asked the Executive Committee what they would like him to do with the over 100 letters he received from various associations stating that they did not want a six million dollar increase in the Firemen’s Home Budget last year.  Committeeman Dreby said he will bring up a recommendation under New Business.

            Committeeman Lenarski, Mercer County, thanked the VP Gunson for updating the website with the hours that the state office is open. 

            Committeewoman Badger, Atlantic County, asked the President if she had to be personally invited to a local relief meeting and the President told her no, you are in charge of your County.  He told her that he will bring this up at her caucus that all Local Associations must mail her the dates of their Relief meetings.  Cindy is the Executive Committeewoman for Atlantic County and she can attend any one of her Local Associations meetings without being invited to observe that the meetings are being conducted properly.  This holds true for any Committeeman.

            Committeeman Mazzarella, Middlesex County, mentioned the situation about Princeton last meeting and them not being seated for sending a report in late and wondered if something like a “three strike rule” could be implemented as this was their first offense.  The President informed him that there are five officers who are responsible for getting the reports in, not just one.  A discussion followed.


A motion was made by Committeeman Dreby, Burlington County, to go into Executive Session at 9:38 A.M.  A second was made by Committeeman Gallo, Somerset County.

Counsel Cavallo stated that the purpose of going into Executive Session is results of litigation.  Time will be approximately about fifteen minutes.

            All members were in favor of the motion.


A motion was made by Committeeman Dreby, Burlington County, to return to the Regular Session at 10:00 A.M.  A second was made by Committeeman Scheuer, Sussex County.  Motion passed and which time a recess was called.


            A motion was made by Committeeman Dreby, Burlington County to return to Regular Business at 10:12 A.M.  There were many seconds.  Motion passed.

            A motion was made by Committeeman Dreby, Burlington County, that the letters received from the local associations against the increase in last year’s Firemen’s Home Budget should be sent to the Firemen’s Home with a copy sent to the State Office of Banking & Insurance.  A second was made by Committeeman Ordway, Bergen County.  All were in favor of the motion.

            A motion was made by Committeeman Hankins, Ocean County, to adopt the Health Care Committee’s Program to allow up to $600/month for those members in need of it.  A second was made by Committeeman Lane, Passaic County.  All were in favor of the motion.

            A motion was made by Committeeman McNulty, Gloucester County and seconded by Committeeman Gallo, Somerset County, to approve the Five Mile Beach’s request for $5,000 to provide wheelchairs and golf carts at the Convention.  All were in favor of the motion.

            A motion was made by Committeeman Dreby, Burlington County, and seconded by Committeeman Florio, Union County, to allow the Executive Officers to continue the work on the New Building.  Motion passed unanimously.

            A motion was made by Committeeman Phillips, Hunterdon County, and seconded by Committeeman Siegel, Cape May County, to finalize the settlement with VFIS and all other parties.  All were in favor of the motion.

            A motion was made by Compendium Committee Chairman McNulty, Gloucester County, to deny the request from Clinton FRA to look into increasing the age for membership in the State Association as it was recently reviewed and voted on at the May meeting to keep the age as is.  A second was made by Committeeman Florio, Union County.  The motion passed with Committeepersons Ordway (Bergen), Phillips (Hunterdon) and Badger (Atlantic) opposing.

            VP Gunson brought up the question of the 100 foot rule for electioneering on Saturday at the Convention.  Counsel Cavallo said that there can be no electioneering within 100’ from the front door.  Shirts, hats, badges, buttons, anything promoting a candidate for office cannot be worn in the convention hall on Saturday.  They cannot be worn in the voting area, convention hall.  This will be brought up at all Caucuses and the Sergeant of Arms will be at all doors to enforce this.  Friday is okay to wear anything, Saturday is not.

           2nd Assistant Secretary Naylis asked Counsel to define “electioneering”.  Counsel Cavallo stated that he will send out an official announcement that may be read at all caucuses.


            VP Gunson thanked all for their cards and calls during his medical procedure.  It was appreciated.


Committeeman Kelly, Monmouth County, thanked and congratulated Committeeman Hankins, Ocean County, for suggesting and chairing the Home Health Care Plan.  It is one of the best steps taken by this association since he has been on the Executive Committee.

            Committeeman Minell, Morris County, thanked all for their cards and calls after his wife’s, Dawn, operation.  They were appreciated.    




           As there was no additional business to be conducted, a motion was made by William McNulty, Gloucester County to adjourn. A second was made by John Lane, Passaic County.  All in favor!

            The meeting was adjourned at 10:28 A.M.

                                                                        Respectfully submitted,



                                                                        KEVIN B. FINNEGAN


We request that this report and all future reports be reviewed at

Your local relief meetings and so noted in your minutes.








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