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Abridged Report Executive Committee Meeting

Abridged Report with Attachments




The meeting was called to order by President Ordway at 9:00A.M. in accordance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act. He stated that notice of this meeting was posted on the New Jersey State Firemen’s website as required pursuant to the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act (Chapter 231, P.L. 1975). The fire exits were pointed out.

Vice President Hankins led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Prior to Executive Committeeman Mellert giving the invocation a moment of silence was observed for Second Assistant Secretary Jacob Genovay and Secretary Carol Sibilia, all fallen firefighters and our military.

Oath of Office for Officers and Executive Committee

President Ordway asked that all Committee people and Officers remain standing to be administered their oath of office by Counsel Cavallo.


Roll call was held. First Assistant Secretary Brian Martone announced that all members were present with George Morris Esq. from Parker McKay representing Assistant Counsel Stacy Moore. Also in attendance was Past President Frank Gunson, Past Executive Committeeman Thomas Miller, Past Secretary Sanford Weinberg, Past Second Assistant H. Lee Baker, Ken Badger of the Pleasantville Firemen’s Relief Association, Jon Roth of the Mendham Twp. Relief Association, and Laurie Cooper of the Nutley Firemen’s Relief Association.


President Ordway opened the meeting to public comment and asked First Assistant Secretary Martone to read the following: The New Jersey State Firemen’s Association welcomes comments from the members of the audience. He further stated the secretary will note all comments and that because of this he asked anyone speaking to state their name and address before speaking and to keep their comments to a 3 minute time limit. Concerns stated or actions requested by the public will be taken under advisement by the Executive Committee for investigation, discussion and possible action or disposition at a later time.

There was no Public Comment.


The Abridged minutes and verbatim minutes of the July 21, 2018 Executive Committee Meeting were approved as distributed on a motion by Executive Committeeman Scheuer seconded by Executive Committeeman Spiegel. Motion Carried.


LIFE MEMBER REPORT: A motion was made by Committeeman Mellert seconded by Committeeman Figueroa to grant Life Membership to the 313 members who achieved Life Membership at this year’s convention. Motion carried:


President Ordway’s report: In addition to his written report his verbal remarks were:

  1. He welcomed everyone to our new building and especially the Ernest J. Greenwald Sr. Conference Hall
  2. He thanked the Executives and Local Officers for their patience and cooperation with the move from Kenilworth. He stated that we still have some issues but we are working to straighten them out
  3. He gave a warm welcome to Jennie Hollingsworth our new Committeewoman from Ocean County and Stephen Fazekas our Committeeman from Burlington County.
  4. He thanked everyone for assisting with the Caucuses and Convention
  5. He reported on the workshop held on October 25 in Passaic County was a success.
  6. He wants to start sending the Executives their documents and correspondence via E-mail versus snail mail. He will start the process gradually and see how successful it will be
  7. As of this morning we had 50 Quarterly Relief reports still not in and 106 Pink and Blues, still not in.

Vice President Hankins report: In addition to his written report his verbal remarks were:

  1. Thanked everyone for their help with the Caucuses and Convention
  2. He is presently working on standardizing the Past Presidents Portraits to be hung in the Conference Hall. He will also have the photographer here at the February Meeting to take photos of the Officers and Executive Committee.
  3. He suggested that the May meeting be moved from Wildwood to Wall Township. This will be discussed under new business.
  4. He also has a quotation from ELD Landscaping for landscape maintenance around the building including Snow Removal. This also will be discussed under New Business

Secretary’s Report: In addition to his written report, he had one 1 verbal item:

  1. That all correspondence and reports that were in the September Meeting’s packets will be made part of this meeting and distributed.

Treasurer Report: Treasurer Osborn stated that the Audit reports were in transit and will be mailed to all

Field Examiner Report: In addition to his written report, his verbal remarks were:

  1. Field Exams will be conducted in the following counties this spring: Atlantic, Bergen, Camden, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, Ocean and Somerset. Dates and times will be coordinated with the Executives from those Counties.
  2. He thanked all who have had the State Office address changed on their Bank Statements. He said that there are also a lot of Associations who are having trouble with the banks regarding the second bank statement being sent to the State Office. He is looking into alternate ways to accomplish this and will have recommendations shortly.

Counsel Cavallo reported: Nothing for Open Session


ADVISORY/ SPECIAL / SUPPLEMNTAL COMMITTEE: Chairman Osborn stated the report has been distributed, no verbal

COMPENDIUM COMMITTEE: Chairman Lane reported that the Compendium Committee will be meeting on November 1 at 10:30 am to start discussions on Resolution 1 approved at the convention which requests the Executive Committee to review an amendment to add Life Members as eligible to make and second motions and to vote on matters brought before a Local Firemen’s Relief Association



FIREMEN’S HOME - MEMORY CARE: Chairman Otterbein reported that the Committee will be meeting shortly and will arrange a joint meeting with our committee and the Firemen’s Home committee

HEALTH CARE ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE: Written report has been distributed.

LEGISLATIVE: First Assistant Secretary Martone stated the report has been distributed.

PENSION COMMITTEE: Nothing to report


SALARY COMMITTEE: Chairman Phillips reported he had nothing to report in open session but had items for Executive Session

WEB PAGE: Chairman Mazzarella reviewed President Ordway’s recommendations for some updates and agreed with them. President Ordway will set up a meeting with our programmer and phase them in gradually.



A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Florio and Seconded by Executive Committeeman Otterbein to go into Executive Session at 9:23am. Motion Passed

A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Philips seconded by Committeeman Mellert to return to Regular Session at 10:27am. Motion Passed


  1. A motion was made by Committeeman Reeves, seconded by Committeeman Mazzarella that if the need arises regarding the two items discussed in Executive Session, that the Officers, if necessary, be authorized to proceed with litigation. On a Roll Call vote, Passed 21-0
  2. A motion was made by Committeeman Figueroa seconded by Committeeman Kelly with regard to an item discussed in Executive Session, to authorize the Officers, if necessary, to begin the Fair and Open Process to hire a lobbyist. On a Roll Call vote, Passed 21-0
  3. Election of Chairman and Secretary of the Executive Committee; Committeeman Lane was nominated as Chairman and Committeeman Kelly was nominated as Secretary. With no other nominations a motion was made by Executive Committeeman Otterbein, seconded by Executive Committeeman Florio that the Secretary cast one ballot for the nominees. Passed
  4. A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Lane, seconded by Executive Committeeman Mellert that the President and Vice President attend the League of Municipalities Convention and the Congressional Fire Services Dinner. On a Roll Call vote, Passed 21-0
  5. There was a discussion regarding sending 2 Executives to the CFSI dinner. No Action Taken
  6. A motion by Executive Committeeman Scheuer seconded by Executive Committeeman Walker to accept the Salary Adjustments submitted this morning and to have the Salary and Expense Committee meet, discuss and make a recommendation for a new salary scale in the future. On a Roll Call vote, Passed 21-0
  7. A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Scheuer and seconded by Executive Committeeman Walker to accept Resolution #1 which is the invitation to all Relief Associations, to elect delegates and alternates to the 2019 Annual Convention and Resolution #2 which invites an Exempt Association to elect 1 delegate and 1 alternate to the 2019 Annual Convention, as submitted. Passed
  8. President Ordway mentioned that the Exempt Association and The New Jersey Fire Chief’s Association approached us to see if it at all possible to conduct some of their meetings at our Conference Hall. After discussion a motion was made by Executive Committeeman Mellert and seconded by Executive Committeeman Spiegel to have the Officers prepare regulations on the use of the Conference Hall for the Exempt Association, State Fire Chief’s Association and any other Firematic Organization who requests to use it. Passed
  9. A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Naylis and seconded by Executive Committeeman Spiegel to move the May Executive Committee Meeting from Wildwood to Wall Township. Passed
  10. A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Fazekas and seconded by Executive Committeeman Naylis to enter into a contract with Environmental Landscape Design for landscaping maintenance and snow removal here at the building. On a Roll Call vote, Passed 21-0
  11. A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Kelly and seconded by Executive Committeeman Florio to have audits done preferably in the spring. Passed
  12. Executive Committeeman Otterbein spoke about some of the problems happening with the Bank Statements being sent to the office by the bank. Field Examiner Kenny is aware of the problems and he has had some discussions with the officers. Additional comments were also made regarding this problem. Field Examiner Kenny will be formulating new regulations regarding the submitting of Bank Statements and will forward them to the Local Associations as soon as possible.
  13. Vice President Hankins discussed that due to the size of the new building it may be a little overwhelming for Dave to maintain it by himself. Vice President Hankins has been looking into getting a cleaning company to come in once a week. A motion was made by Executive Committeeman Figueroa, seconded by Executive Committeeman Kelly to investigate and hire a cleaning company. On a Roll Call vote Passed 21-0
  14. Executive Committeeman Scheuer discussed how some locals and members asked if we could change our name from …Firemen’s Association to …Firefighters Association. President Ordway said that this comes up at times and he would have the Compendium Committee look into it.
  15. Executive Committeeman Kelly discussed that he had informal conversation with Mr. Horsnal of the Monmouth County Parks Commission regarding the State Fire Museum in Allentown, NJ. Mr. Horsnal inquired if our Association may be able to assist them in Trenton with their goal of moving forward with the State Fire Museum. President Ordway stated that he would be happy to meet with him and discuss their needs.


  1. President Ordway discussed some issues that the Local Associations are having with the Post Office. He stated that the Postal Service Web site has 1711 Route 34 South, Wall Township with a zip code of 07727. If you go to the Post Office to mail us a certified letter, they may tell you that 07727 is Farmingdale. This is because our mail is delivered by the Farmingdale branch of the Post Office. He stated that he has been in contact with the Post Office; we are getting our mail addressed to Wall Township with no problems with the Zip Code 07727.
  2. President Ordway stated that whomever you talk to about the “Beautiful Building” that we now occupy will tell you that it was a collaborative effort by everyone. He also stated that this was possible through the leadership of Past President Gunson. He then had Executive Committee Chairman John Lane address the attendees. On behalf of the Executive Committee he thanked Past President Frank Gunson for his leadership. He then presented Frank with a plaque from the Executive Committee
  3. Executive Committeeman Naylis said that he attended a meeting of the New Jersey State Firemen’s Woman’s Auxiliary. He told them of the benefits that our association has to offer. He stated that many of them did not know of them. He asked that all members reach out to your widows and members and explain to them what is available. President Ordway agreed and stated that we are doing that also with our workshops.
  4. Past President Gunson conveyed the thanks of the Genovay Family for all of the attendance at the wake and funeral for Jake and for everyone’s expression of sympathy.
  5. Executive Committeeman Lenarski also on behalf of the Mercer County Firemen’s Association thanked everyone who assisted in Jake’s wake and funeral. He also thanked everyone for their sympathies on the death of his mother. He also wished everyone Happy Holidays and that he will be making a personal donation this year to the Coast Guard Foundation in memory of his son-in-law.
  6. Executive Committeeman Kelly informed all that Monmouth County Legislative Committeeman Peter DeFazio is in the Hospital and he asked that we all keep him in our prayers.

ADJOURNMENT: On a motion by Executive Committeeman Lane, seconded by Executive Committeeman Florio the meeting was adjourned at 11:43am.


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