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Abridged Report Executive Committee Meeting



Wildwood, N.J. Thursday, September 14, 2017


            The meeting was called to order by President Frank B. Gunson, 3rd at 9:30 A.M. in accordance with the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act.  He stated that notice of this meeting was posted on the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association website as required pursuant to the provisions of the Open Public Meeting Act (Chapter 231, P.L.1975) and sent via mail to all Local Relief Association secretaries.  The fire exits were pointed out.

            Vice President Robert Ordway led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

            Executive Committeeman Konrad Mellert, Warren County, gave the invocation and thanked Him for being with us as we prepare for our 140th Convention.  He asked that He be with the Officers and Bill Mc Nulty as he goes through a trying time in his life.  Be with each one of us as we serve our communities and remember the families of 9/11, Florida and Texas.  He concluded by thanking our veterans and service people all around the world.



            Roll call was held.  First Assistant Secretary Jake Genovay announced that all members were present with the exception of Gloucester County Committeeman William Mc Nulty who was excused.  Also in attendance were Past Executive Committeemen from Union County Thomas Miller, Somerset County Neil Gallo, Monmouth County Wayne Kepler, Gloucester County Kenneth Wigglesworth, Past Counsel Barry Parker and Past 2nd Assistant Secretary H. Lee Baker.                                      .


            President Gunson opened the meeting to public comment and asked First Assistant Secretary Genovay to read the following:  the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association welcomes comments from members of the audience.  He further stated that the secretary will note all comments and that because of this he asked that anyone speaking to state their name and address before speaking and to keep their comments to a 3 minute time limit.  Concerns stated or actions requested by the public will be taken under advisement by the Executive Committee for investigation, discussion and possible action or disposition at a later time and date.

            No one wished to be heard at this time.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:                                                                                             

            At this time President Gunson asked that Secretary Finnegan phone Gloucester County Executive Committeeman William Mc Nulty.  Committeeman Mc Nulty made a motion to approve the Abridged minutes and the Verbatim Minutes of the July 15, 2017 Executive Committee Meeting as distributed.   Motion seconded by Dan Speigel, Cape May County Executive Committeeman.  Motion carried.   Bill went on to thank everyone for their cards, prayers and calls.  He concluded by wishing everyone a good meeting and a fruitful convention and he said he will see us at the November meeting.



            From:  Florham Park F.R.A.

            From:  Family of Kenneth A. Mikatarian


Secretary Finnegan read the correspondence.   A motion was made by many and seconded by many to accept the correspondence.  Motion carried.

LIFE MEMBER REPORT:  There is one new Life Member, the new Monmouth County Manager Steven Catena.  A motion was made by Monmouth County Executive Committeeman Robert Kelly to grant Life Membership.  It was seconded by Essex County Committeeman Richard Otterbein.  Motion carried.


            President Gunson reported:

  • Written report has been distributed.
  • He would like to congratulate all the Executive Committee for getting reelected.  All the caucuses went well.  He would like to thank all the Officers and Committeemen who worked the caucuses.  Registrations went well.  He asked that we assist Field Examiner Kenny in the upcoming Field Exams.
  • The Supreme Court ruled on August 3, 2017 in our favor that Relief Applications should be kept confidential.  He would like to thank our attorneys from Parker  Mc Kay Frank Cavallo, Esquire, along with John Gillespie and George Morris who argued the case and Stacey Moore for preparing the briefs.
  • We had a meeting recently in Hamilton Township with the Managers regarding the Memory Care Unit.   Based on input that we have received from local associations the Managers are going to be looking into additional possibilities other than a dementia unit.  As everyone is aware, there have been some applicants turned away from the Home for other medical issues.  The Managers will be looking into this.
  • He, the Vice President and 1st Assistant Secretary went down to Wildwood to see how the voting machines will fit into the hallway.  They will be set up tomorrow after the Friday session.
  • There was an election in Bergen County for a new Manager to the Home and one candidate, who lost by seven votes, was upset because he knew he had people there who did not vote.  He was calling to have registering out at the caucuses and convention.  The President has made Bergen County Executive Committeeman Naylis aware of the situation.  The President stated that if they want to pursue this for the convention, then a resolution must be submitted and voted on the convention floor.
  • Pocket badges are in for the current Officers and Committeemen but not the past Officers or Committeemen.  They will be distributed after the convention when the others come in.
  • He received a call from Phil Murphy’s office about making an appearance at the convention.   He cannot make Friday’s session due to a prior engagement but was notified that he could come Saturday after 10:30 A.M. after the Memorial Service. The President has not heard back from them.
  • Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno will be here on Friday.  Escorts will be Cindy Badger, Robert Kelly, Rick Dreby, John Lane and Joe Hankins.  Should Mr. Murphy come escorts will be Jay Lenarski, Dan Mitchell, Dan Speigel, Gene Minell and Nick Florio.
  • Thank you for a great year and I enjoyed working with you.


Vice President Ordway reported: 

  • Written report distributed. 
  • Congratulated all members of the Executive Committee and the local officers on getting Second Quarter Relief forms in on time.  We had 100% on time response.   The Third Quarter is due in by 10/30/17.
  • Pink and Blue copies are due in by November 1, 2017.
  • Thank you for your cooperation at the caucuses.  Things went pretty smoothly.
  • Parking passes for tomorrow and Saturday are in your packet.
  • Included in your packet is a revised copy of the “We’d Like You to Know” handout.  Please review and get back to me with any corrections.
  • Website is in the process of being updated.
  • Like to thank everyone for their cooperation this year and hopes that he has the opportunity again next year.

            Secretary’s report:    Written report has been distributed.  Included in your packet are copies from the Officer’s Minutes from meetings for July, August and September.  Also there is a corrected cell phone number for Allen Kurdyla.  He concluded by asking anyone who didn’t sign the card for Bill Mc Nulty to please sign it.

Treasurer Osborn reported:  His report has been deferred to the convention.

 Field Examiner Kenny reported: Reminded everyone of the upcoming Field Exams in Bergen on 9/21, Monmouth on 9/26 and Essex on 9/28.  Still could use help at the Essex Field Exam.

            Counsel Cavallo reported:  Nothing to report other than what the President alluded to on being successful on our appeal to the New Jersey Supreme Court in great part to Stacy Moore who wrote all the briefs and prepped those who presented our appeal to the Supreme Court.  It was a huge case and there was a letter to the editor of the NJ Lawyer complaining that this case set back open government by years.  John Gillespie, one of Counsel Cavallo’s partners, is writing a rebuttal letter to this and it was a huge win for the Association and its members as they now know their information will be kept confidential when they apply for relief.


ADVISORY COMMITTEE – Chairman Osborn stated the report has been deferred to the convention.

BUILDING COMMITTEE – Chairman Dreby, Burlington County, reported that we had the closing on the property on August 14th and that the ground breaking was August 29th.  The Construction Manager has set up bi-weekly job construction meetings every second and fourth Tuesday.

COMPENDIUM COMMITTEE – Nothing to report.

FINANCE – Treasurer Osborn stated the report will be read into the record at Saturday’s session.

FIREMEN’S HOME – Bergen County Committeeman Naylis stated that we had a very fruitful meeting with the Managers and discussed our concerns and realize that there is additional information that must be gathered.

HEALTH CARE – Chairman Mellert, Warren County, stated that the report has been distributed.

LEGISLATIVE – First Assistant Secretary Genovay stated the report has been distributed.  No Verbal.  President Gunson stated that Congress did pass the Cancer Registry Bill yesterday; now it goes to the Senate.  He mentioned that there is also one at the State level.  1st Assistant Secretary Genovay stated that it is not moving at the state level.

PENSION – Treasurer Osborn reported that they met prior to the meeting to discuss normal business.  There is nothing else to report.

SPECIAL RELIEF – Chairman Mellert, Warren County, said the report has been distributed and that we are running quite a bit ahead of last year.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Bergen County Committeeman Naylis thanked committee members who submitted suggestions and comments regarding the Application for Relief.  He is looking to get a finalized version out to the committee by October 31st for review and get back to him with any comments.  He hopes to present a finalized version at the November meeting.

NEW BUSINESS – A motion was made by Salem County Committeeman Walker to approve the President and Vice President to attend the Congressional Fire Caucus in Washington, D.C. and the League of Municipalities in Atlantic City.  Motion was seconded by Konrad Mellert, Warren County Committeeman.  Motion carried unanimously on a roll call vote.

Ocean County Committeeman Hankins brought up the advertisement for President from Richard Van de Berg who used the state association’s logo.  President Gunson informed Joe that Counsel Cavallo sent a letter to him last year notifying him that he could not use it.  He will send stronger letter to him again.

Mercer County Committeeman Lenarski suggested that a registered symbol be placed on the website notifying anyone that it is a registered trademark and cannot be used by anyone.  President Gunson said it will be looked into.

President Gunson stated that we are still working on Frenchtown.

Monmouth County Committeeman Kelly said that we don’t know what will happen at Saturday’s election but he wished all candidates well and that he thought we functioned very well this year.

President Gunson thanked Bob for his comments.  He stated that he feels that we have one of the best groups of Committeemen we have had in awhile.  Guys are willing to step up and help out where they can.  He said what makes he and Rob successful are guys like you supporting them.


GOOD OF THE ORDER – Essex County Committeeman Otterbein thanked the President and the Committee for granting him permission to be excused from the last Executive Committee meeting to attend his nephew’s installation as Base Commander at Blount Island Marine Base.

ADJOURNMENT – A motion was made by Jerry Naylis, Bergen County, to adjourn.  Many seconds.  Motion carried. 

            The meeting was adjourned at 9:54 A.M.

                                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                                            KEVIN B. FINNEGAN

                                                            Secretary, NJSFA



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